Learning With LEGOS


Learning with LEGOS is a way of life in our homeschool.

These little bricks help my guy with math, science, writing, geography, history, and much more.

While I have an entire page devoted to LEGO learning, I wanted to post in detail the many ways you can use LEGO bricks in your home to teach your children and have a ton of fun at the same time!

I also receive many emails and questions on my Facebook page about what LEGO bricks are best to start with.

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Let's start there.

What Bricks Should We Have?

I recommend a basic set of LEGO bricks. It should include many different sizes of bricks, doors, windows, and wheels.

If you can also invest in a set of minifigures that is a lot of fun, too.

In our house LEGO is a curriculum area, and I include it in our budget. It is the best money I spend on curriculum, that's for sure.

Basic LEGO starter sets:



I wouldn't recommend purchasing a lot of themed sets. For my child, I see the most creativity when he plays with his basic brick sets. 

Yes, the themed sets are good for following instructions and the "wow" factor, but if you have limited funds I would recommend a basic set of bricks.

{Ask grandma and grandpa for the themed sets!}


Do you pull your hair (or your child's hair - ha!) out during writing time? 

Why not incorporate LEGO minifigures into that time? Allow your child to bring a bucket of minifigs and some basic LEGO bricks to the table. 

Then, give them any of these LEGO writing prompts and activities to inspire them.

*A note about my free downloads: These downloads take a lot of time and effort on my part. All of the ideas are original. It has come to my attention recently that some of my work has been copied. While this is distressing to me, I realize things like this DO occur because some people are dishonest.

If you download my printables and then share them, please GIVE CREDIT TO ME and LINK BACK TO MY BLOG. 

All of these are a FREE download:

What about LEGO MadLibs? Yes, please.

History & Geography

We keep LEGO bricks and minifigs out during our homeschool at ALL TIMES. They get used the most during history and geography.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Truly, your child can come up with ways to incorporate bricks in their learning.

Encourage your children to build while you read aloud from your history text or living books. My son has built The Great Wall of China, ancient aqueducts, The London Tower Bridge, and many other things. 

Always keep a bucket of bricks on hand! 


Wow! There are so many ways to use LEGOS in your math instruction. 

Just using bricks themselves is a wonderful way to practice the four basic operations.

I have an entire Pinterest Board of LEGO Ideas  that contains many math pins.

Also, we have loved doing LEGO Candy Math - it's a treat, and oh so yummy!


STEM with LEGO Education®

Last year we discovered LEGO Education®.


I was so pleased to be the LEGO Education® featured teacher this summer, and I am an official LEGO Education® Blogger

To say we love LEGO Education® is an understatement.

To date we own several of their products, and have used several sets in details. Following are the sets we have used in our homeschool, and I recommend them 110%! They are more expensive, but if you consider them an investment in curriculum and your child's Science, Technology and Math Education, then it is MORE than worth it. 

These sets include lesson plans, software, and amazing projects for your children. 

I can't speak highly enough about LEGO Education®!

If you would like to find out more about LEGO Education® for homeschool, simply visit their webpage for a detailed explanation of products. 


Reading is another area where you could literally go nuts with the possibilities.


I will list the different types of books we have used that incorporate LEGOS. Some are first readers, some are chapter books, and others are general idea books.


  • LEGO Readers - these come in all levels, just search around for them. We keep our readers by level in my son's room and he still reads his very first LEGO books often!
  • LEGO Chapter Books - these are available for subjects like Ninjago, Lends of Chima, and LEGO Friends.
  • LEGO Character Encyclopedias - my son got one of these for a gift and it literally didn't leave his side for a week. He loves to read these over and over and anything that inspires reading is a GOOD THING!
  • LEGO Visual Dictionaries - again - inspires reading
  • LEGO Ideas Book - this is our favorite birthday present to give friends



I know there are several movies out there for LEGO lovers.

We have two that receive weekly air time in our home:


Teach a LEGO Class

Last spring I taught a 10 week LEGO class at our co-op.

It was so much fun! As I blogged about it, people wanted more details, so I turned it into a free download.

Download plans for a 10 Week LEGO Class

In this class we practiced presentation skills, did speed builds, played games, and lots of other fun activities. One of the most fun weeks was when we learned about the interlocking brick technique and stood on our creations. 

If you are teaching a co-op class, or just have a group of LEGO fanatics that you can get together on a regular basis, this class is designed for YOU. All plans and a supply list, along with necessary links, are included.



I keep a stack of Create Your Own Minifig sheets on our printer. Whenever my little guy needs something to do, he is free to color, cut, make puppets, or whatever his heart desires.

I also provide google eyes, popsicle sticks, lots of markers, colored pencils, glue, etc... 

You can make some pretty cool minifig puppets this way!


It is AMAZING the appeal this little blank minifigure has.

*NOTE: I received express permission from Dutch Microfigures to use this image. If you see this image on any other LEGO printables and the source is not credited, please do not use it! I have recently come across another free LEGO writing prompt download that doesn't credit the image source. Not only is this poor form, it is also illegal.

Dowload the Create Your Own Minifig and have fun!

Making Stop Motion Videos

My son has just started this - and it's such fun.

We downloaded a free app, LEGO® Movie Maker, that makes this quite easy.

Check out the awesome little video he made (all by himself!)


A young man in our homeschool group also has a YouTube Channel, My Snail Eats Pizza, that has TONS of wonderfully done stop motion videos. 

I also want to point you to one of my good friends, Amy, at Milk and Cookies Blog. She has an extensive collection of LEGO ideas and downloads that you will want to investigate, too. 

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Do you use LEGO bricks for learning in your home? Tell me about it!