Games & Toys for Kids to Use Alone

Sometimes you need something other than LEGOS to keep kids occupied!  

We all know (especially as homeschool moms) that there are times where everyone benefits from  alone time. Playing games and engaging in activities that require just me, myself, and I can be very challenging.

Out of necessity our family has discovered some great games, puzzles, etc... to help your children learn to love their alone time. 

Games & Toys for Kids to Use Alone


While it helps build their habit of attention, it also helps develop logical thinking and reasoning skills.

I try to make sure my kids spend some of their time throughout the week challenging themselves with these types of games and puzzles. It seems to  help when they become overwhelmed with everyday tasks and events as these activities can really help quiet their minds and allow them to focus.

(And selfishly it helps a mom get some much needed things accomplished, too!)

From solving puzzles, creating new shapes, and even improving on chess strategies.... these one player games will give kids a bit of quiet down time that you may be looking for. 

  • Brainwright Cat Stax: A creative puzzle that uses small plastic cats in a game that is similar to Tetris. 
  • Color Code: You can make variety of new and colorful shapes with this one person game. Great way to get creative with shapes. 
  • Castle Logix: Copy and build the castles on the cards or create your very own designs.
  •  Junior Brain Builders: Build different types of structures including towers and even bridges. A great way to build on your architectural creativity.
  • Pixy Cubes: A great way to test your memory and see how well you can memorize in a short amount of time. 
  • Space Challenge Maze Globe: Find your way through this hands on maze. This would also be great as a time filler instead of using an electronic. 
  • On The Dot Game: With over 60 different puzzles, this game has a bunch of challenges waiting to be devoured.
  • Parking Puzzler: This brain teaser will keep kids busy for a long time. You parents might enjoy this one too. Figure out how to set up the cars in their parking space to break the pattern. 
  • Solitaire Chess: I like this one player game because it gives kids a chance to improve their chess strategy all on their own. 
  • Compose Yourself Music Card Game: Make your very own music with this solo game. Perfect for the budding musician!
  • Visual Brainstorms: Challenge your brain to solve these abstract puzzles and brain busters. 
  • Balance Beans Game: Balance the beam with different weighted beans. It may look easy, but this game is much more challenging than you think. 
  • Math Dice: A great way to improve on your math skills! All with a simple set of dice. 
Games & Toys for Kids to Use Alone

What one player games would you add to my list? What are your go to one player games? Share your ideas and favorites with us in the comments! 


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5 Tips for Lefties

If you have a lefty, you know certain things can be somewhat challenging. 

Spiral notebooks, three ring binders, dry erase boards, and even traditional pencils can present unique challenges for our southpaws.

There is, however, also a great sense of pride that comes along with being part of the lefty club.

I've found that a few simple adaptations make life for my lefty much easier. 

After homeschooling a lefty for the past seven years, I'd like to share the tricks  we use to simply our life.  

Might I also recommend The Left Stuff?  It's a great read that gives lots of insight into left handedness. 

5 Tips for Lefties

1. The White Board Flip

This is so simple. 

Have your lefty write on the white board as normal. Then - flip the board upside down and have them write in another column. 

In this way they won't erase what they have already written. 

5 Tips for Lefties

2. Wet Erase Markers

A leftie's hard work on a white board is less likely to be erased by their left hand if you use Wet Erase Markers

We use these Wet Erase Markers and they eliminate MUCH frustration. 

*For younger children you can also use Dry Erase Crayons for the same results. 

5 Tips for Lefties


3. Top Spiral Bound Workbooks

You can create your own workbook for your leftie.

Simply take your child's workbook to the office supply store, ask them to unbind it and then add coil binding at the TOP of the pages. 

I love our Prescripts books from Classical Conversations because they are already bound this way! 

5 Tips for Lefties

I've also seen these lefty spiral bound notebooks. Who knew? 

Of course, you can also purchase composition notebooks, which are great for lefties! 

4. Use Filler Paper in Binders

We use traditional three ring binder with filler paper. 

When my lefty does his work he takes the paper OUT of the binder to complete the assignment, and then returns it to the binder when he is finished. 

This way all of his work stays together and his left hand isn't bumping into the rings. 

OR, use the same principle as #3 and write on the paper horizontally in the three ring binder.

5 Tips for Lefties

(And here's an unrelated tip -- use graph paper for math and you have no issues with the way the lines run.)

5. Don't Make a Big Deal

To be perfectly honest, we've never given being left handed much attention in our house. 

I did have one well meaning relative tell me early on that I should "take that crayon our of his left hand and put it in his right". I simply smiled and moved on. 

God made my guy left handed. End of story.

If something is a problem for my lefty we try to work it out. Some things he has learned to do with both hands (cutting, computer trackpad, eating), and I actually think that being a lefty works to his advantage!

Do you have a lefty?  Care to share a tip with us? 

5 Tips for Lefties