The Best of Homegrown Learners ~ 2012


2012 was a year of a lot of learning, for both my children and myself.

As my children learned new things in school, I learned alongside them.

I also learned more than I ever thought I would know about blogging, creating printables, and writing unit studies.    

My blogging gained real focus in 2012.  I know I love to write about the activities we do in our homeschool.  My passion is education and learning.   I want to share this passion with my readers.  I've also been immensely blessed by some amazing bloggers who have their own awesome ideas to share.

Let's review the Best of 2012, and if you missed something during the year, now is your time to read, download, and enjoy!

Back to School Photos:

We took fun photos, and I hope this will be a tradition for many years to come.

How We Use The Story of The World (my first vlog!):

We are avid Story of the World Users (starting Volume 3 next week), and I did my first ever vlog about how we notebook our way through this history text.   

Getting Started With Notebooking  (guest post from Jimmie Lanely):

This post, part of my Homeschool Guest series, was so informative and helpful.  If you don't know about notebooking, this is the post that will teach you all of the basics to get started! 

The Ultimate Guide to Composer Study:

This post, a labor of love, is an extensive list to of resources to help you study composers in your homeschool.  I believe in music education (in case you didn't already know)! 

The Nutcracker Unit Study:

This free download  is composed of nearly all FREE RESOURCES to help your children learn about The Nutcracker.   


Super Quiet UnInterruped Listening Time is a series of posts I have written about an easy way to study music in your homeschool.  Each post is essentially a full music lesson.  Currently I have 5 lessons and will be adding many more in 2013! 

Create Your Own MiniFig:

Wow!  This little printable was a huge hit.  I think anything about LEGO bricks strikes a chord in many readers.   I am working on an addition to this download for January, 2013.

{while we are on the subject of LEGO...}

Teach a LEGO Class:

This free download consists of plans to teach a 10 week LEGO class.   There are activities, printables, and more.  I taught this class at our homeschool co-op (at my son's request) and enjoyed every minute.

The 10 Days of Reading Aloud (special guest post by Andrew Pudewa):

This series focused on another of my passions: reading aloud.   We read aloud at least an hour (many days more than that) in our homeschool.  I think it's an essential ingredient in creating good readers, writers, and thinkers.  

The 10 Days of Teaching Music:

This series took A LOT of time to write, but I'm so glad I did.  The feedback I received, not to mention the extra music it forced me to do with my own children, was so worth the effort.   Look to this series for many ideas on how to incorporate music in your homeschool.

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Thanks for reading, and I look forward to learning with and from you in 2013!

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